Step-by-Step to Self Build

There are three main stages to a self build project.

  • Identify your motives for wanting to build your own home, taking into account any special features to be incorporated into its design.
  • Talk to our experienced staff who will advise you on what is involved when new home with Flight Homes Self Build.
  • Meet with one of our experienced Sales Staff and make an appointment to visit the factory where the product is designed and manufactured.
Decide upon the following:
  • Your budget, cost implications and time-scales. Site orientation, opportunities/constraints, planning and aesthetic requirements, levels and features, access and neighbouring properties. The accommodation requirements, with room sizes, special needs/features and preferences.
  • Choose from one of our inspirational designs as a starting point for your project.
  • At this point you should start thinking about engaging an architect who will be able to prepare and submit detailed planning drawings and building regulation applications on your behalf.
While the planners are considering your application you may wish to use the drawings your architect has prepared, to gather quotations from potential suppliers such as groundworkers, electrical/plumbing contractors and roofing contractors for example. In addition to the above you may also at this point want to decide what level of involvement you wish to take in the planning of your project. If you have the time to invest you may wish to plan the project yourself or employ a builder to undertake the construction of your new home. Alternatively Flight Timber are able to recommend project managers who have vast experience with our system, planning and construction process.
  • Manage the build yourself
    This option would mean you have day to day control of the building project. You buy the materials, run the site, organise work schedules, find and engage each specialist sub-contractors. Doing it all yourself can you save you money, but could prove tricky if you have not had previous project management experience – you need plenty of spare time for this option.
  • Engage a Project Manager
    A project manager is a skilled professional who would work on your site full time. It is their job to organise hiring of sub-contractors, purchase materials, supervise the work, approve stage payments and generally run the project for you. In hiring a project manager from the start you can often make economies overall that will cover their fees, whilst working closely with you they can also take the strain away from you, making the project more of a pleasure than a burden.
  • Engage a single contractor
    If you choose this option it means that you employ a single firm to manage your build. We would recommend that you use NHBC registered builders wherever possible. We would also advise that you obtain tenders to compare any quotations you may get. You can of course, use a combination of the above, this would allow you to choose the degree of involvement you have in your project, this would give you a feeling of having played an active part without over committing yourself. Flight Timber Self Build are here to guide you, you choose how big or small a part we play in your project.

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