National Custom & Self Build Association

Flight Homes has joined forces with a number of key national players in the creation of NaCSBA, which aims to run a series of campaigns to increase the amount of sites which Local Authorities, central Government and other landowners set aside for self builders.

This is a very exciting collaboration which could result in a real turn around in opportunities for self build in the UK. Especially with the increasing concerns of credit crunch which seems to be taking more casualties every day, from individuals to large corporations.

Self build and self finish housing provide the opportunities for the creation of homes which are not only more affordable, but give the self builders the chance to create a place which has a low impact on the environment, cheap to heat, and designed to their own needs.

NaCSBA has just completed a first report aimed at central government and local authorities, to bring all those involved in housing and land decisions up to speed with the current self build market and immediate demand for building plots. The report will also help those involved in the provision of affordable housing and those promoting sustainable living practices to recognise self build as one of the key solutions to address some of the current housing problems.

Planners Need To Prepare Now For The Self Build Revolution

Britain’s army of self builders have warmly welcomed the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and have urged local authority planners to now quickly explore the various techniques that can be used to assess the level of demand there is for self build in their area. They also encouraged planners to get up to speed with the many ways in which they can proactively ‘enable’ more self build.

The National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA) said the publication of the NPPF was a watershed moment for self builders, and would lead, in time, to thousands more people being able to make their self build dreams come true.

The NPPF requires all local authorities to do two things that should have a major impact on the supply of building plots for self builders- assess the level of local demand there is for self build, and, where there is demand, to take appropriate action to help facilitate more plots for self builders.

“If planners move quickly we believe the flow of land for self builders will increase more rapidly. There are millions of people in the UK who want to build their own homes,and if planners can help this to happen we’ll soon have some fantastic new communities built right across the country,” said NaCSBA Chairman Ted Stevens.

To help planners understand the self build requirements set out in the Framework NaCSBA is organising a series of regional workshops for local authority planners throughout the early summer of 2012.

NaCSBA Executive Committee member, Sally Tagg, who is a Chartered Town Planner herself, said; “We don’t expect to see a big impact overnight, but over the next year or so the NPPF should result in much more land being zoned for self build. We hope the series of workshops for Local Authorities we’re running will help planners understand what they can proactively do to ‘enable’ more self build in their areas.

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