Metal Web Joists

Metal Web Joists / Easi-Joist

Open web / Metal web joists have many features that simplify construction, assisting a project to run smoothly and that deadlines are met, resulting in potential project savings.

  • Our open web joists are designed to offer excellent service routing capabilities allowing many soil, duct and heating recovery systems to be accommodated along with easy installation of heating and electrical cabling without the need for drilling or notching.
  • Typical site errors that occur with other joist system construction, which incur costly remedial work, are eliminated. These benefits reduce the amount of time contractors spend on site, speed up construction, and offer potential savings.
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  • The longer spans that open web joists are able to achieve can often eliminate the need for costly intermediate load bearing walls allowing more spacious living areas to be designed thus reducing the building’s overall costs.
  • The consistent depth of the off-site manufactured joists and their wide nailing surface provides easier floor material installation.
  • Engineered for consistent quality our open webs joists are dimensionally stable offering a reliable and robust solution.
  • Our popular open web floor system offers today’s builder an engineered floor system that combines the engineering capabilities of an I-joist with an open web construction to deliver a quality product for maximum job site efficiency and overall cost effectiveness.
  • Variable open duct sizes are available allowing services to pass through the open web feature of our product.

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