Timber Frame is the most widely used structural building method in the world.
As part of its one-stop shop approach, Flight Timber prides itself on the wide portfolio of products it offers.

Our recommended approach is to purchase the complete building envelope. Our smart design concept allows the walls, ground floor and roof to all perform in unison. Thus resistance to heat leakage and cold drafts is assured by manufacture under factory quality controlled conditions. It is far less dependent on the vagaries of site workmanship. We will also integrate the internal walls and floors with this smart envelope technique.


We have invested heavily in our cutting process and have a Hundegger SC3 allowing us full flexibility and precision. We are able to cut a wide range of products from softwood and hardwoods to engineered products such as glu-lam and i-joist. We are able to cross-cut, drill, slot, mill and label whilst maintaining minimum waste through use of our optimizing programme. So whether it’s just a simple timber frame panel or a complexed feature truss Flight Timber have the capability to produce it.

Open Panel Timber Frame

In its most basic form, timber frame can be manufactured as an open panel containing no insulation. We assemble a stud work panel using precision cut timbers working to a drawing produced from our design office. Every panel is then checked to make sure it is square before a 9mm OSB3 sheathing is nailed onto the external face of the panel. Finally a breather membrane is applied to external face and the panel is ready for delivery to site.

Val-U-Therm Insulated Panel

Manufactured in the same way as the Open panel further processing involves turning the panel and applying another layer of 9mm OSB3 to the inside face of the panel creating a closed panel. Val-U-Therm comprises a central layer of highly insulating foam. This is injected into the closed panel using the most advanced high-pressure technology and fills every cubic millimetre of the central space within each panel. As can be seen in the demonstration below using a transparent panel top, the foam creates an air-tight and highly-effective insulating layer.

The foam has excellent environmental credentials as it is derived from recycled, renewable vegetable oil. This also has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

The central insulating core is sandwiched between a number of specially designed sheathing boards and high-performance breather membranes. The inner side of a Val-U-Therm panel also features a service gap that allows the straightforward installation of wires, pipes and other utilities.

The manufacturing process allows full flexibility and panels can be built to exact customer specifications with little limitation on height and length. In some cases windows and other elements can be installed in the factory if required.

What else can we offer?

As well as our panel products product we manufacture metal-web joists and roof trusses. We have the capability to manufacture Floor and roof cassettes as well as oak or glu-lam feature trusses. We really do have the capability and flexibility to cover any needs.


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